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The First Week of My 2017 Lenten Journey


Whew! So the first week of Lent just flew right on by! Where does time go?

I want so much for this to be a time of building my relationship with our Lord. But this first week, my priorities might have been a little mixed up. I don’t think it was all a lost though, stick with me here. I was feeling stressed waiting to hear when I would start my new job! That’s right folks, I am back to work again.  I am so excited. I prayed so hard about this. It started during Advent when my husband and I were at Mass and learned that their would be an opening in the parish for an Office Manager. I wasn’t looking for work yet. The announcement tugged at my heart. And…..with some other things that were going on, well the timing was perfect. They wouldn’t be hiring until February and starting new hire in March. It seemed too perfect. Except, maybe not so perfect. There are some interesting things that made me question whether I would be the right person. But I knew that God knows the right person for the right time. So I put it to prayer and left it there. For nearly 3 months.

Two weeks before Ash Wednesday

I got an interview that was scheduled for the 16th of February for the Office Manager position.  It was the first interview, they were narrowing it down to 3 people from there. The interview went really well. I said an emergency novena that Saint Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta would say, )you can find more information on wonderful novena on this blog, here. ), prior to going in to the interview. Right there in the parking lot I prayed the novena. I felt so relaxed. I also invited the Holy Spirit to be with me and help me be authentic to who I am. As I left the parking lot after the interview I felt so relaxed, and smiled and made the sign of the cross. I knew I had company in that meeting. Then, I waited and waited.

The week before Lent….Specifically Thursday, Feb. 23rd

Finally, I got the call I made it to the second interview scheduled for the next week. Again, more prayer. I have never asked for so many people to pray for me. If someone talked to me I would say, please add me to your prayer list, or rather add the parish to your prayer list to be sure the right person got the job.  I wanted it, but I wanted it only if I was the right person for the job.  At around 8 p.m. that night after my 2nd interview I received a call that they wanted to offer me the job.  Good thing they weren’t watching, I was doing a happy dance. My mother in law just kinda stared at me like I had lost my marbles. I got off the phone and proceeded to let everyone that I could think of that had been praying for me know that I had gotten the job. Then I said, but you are not off the hook yet. Please continue to pray. The transition is not likely to be easy. I am so blessed to have so many people who will pray for me.

The Monday before Ash Wednesday

 I spent the whole  weekend worrying. After they called on Thursday to offer the job, I thought I would be hearing on Friday when to start. Saturday night, I bolted out of a dead sleep thinking “was I supposed to go in on Friday, oh Lord I have lost the job you entrusted me to, before I even started!” Yep, I have issues most of them rest in anxiety, rest is not exactly the right word. But you get the picture. So I was crabby Sunday and just full of worry. Then mad at myself for worrying so much. So Monday was spent moping. Not too proud of it, but it is true.


Finally got the call from Father asking if I could start tomorrow- Ash Wednesday. Sure! I will be there! Excited, scared, excited and scared some more!

Tuesday night….Husband reminds me tomorrow is Ash Wednesday. I think I may have stared at him a minute. I couldn’t believe how I had let so much time be given to focusing on a job and not about Lent. I really hate how time gets away from us. But I really get upset with myself when I forget my priorities  I tried to let it sink in that it was time to start focusing on our Lord.


I got up and got all ready for work. Then…Father calls me and says he overbooked himself could I start on Thursday. Feeling a little sad I said “yes, I could do that.”

But the Lord knows what he was doing. I spent time in prayer. I read scripture. I wrote in my journal. It was so good.

But I am so sad to say this, we could not make the timing work to get to Church to get our ashes. My husband commutes and I share a car with mother in law, who does not attend the same church. So for the first time in I don’t know how long, we didn’t get ashes.

The Thursday after Ash Wednesday

On Thursday I did a repeat routine of Ash Wednesday morning. Did scripture, prayer and wrote in journal. Then got ready for work.  Remembering Mass is offered at 9 a.m. and I work at 10 a.m.,  I headed to work, and what a blessing to go to Mass before work. God is good.

The Friday after Ash Wednesday

Friday, again a repeat routine of Thursday morning.

So while the week went quickly and almost got away from me, I am so happy to say that God found ways to ground me. Bring me back around. By Thursday I was doing scripture and going to Mass. I don’t think there is anything better than that. In fact, I know there isn’t.

So this week, rather then worry about how the week started off rough and I was not quite ready for Lent, God knows my heart and He made it possible for me to sneak some wonderfully needed time with him.  How has your first week been? I say week, but I really feel that preparing for Lent is so important.


A scripture that has been stuck in my head and on my heart to ponder this week and continues to do so….Mathew 16:24 If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow Me. Wow this verse has had me pondering, and writing.  My plan is to come and write about the things that have been put on my heart about this verse. I hope you will come back and visit, leave a comment and let us be brothers and sisters in Christ and get to know one another.

God bless!


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