How We Pray, Fast and Give During Lent

I am joining Allison Gingrass and many other wonderful bloggers for the CWBN Blog Hop and the topic is How we pray, fast and give during lent.

This is great timing. I have been so busy I haven’t given the time and thought that should be put into the season that is springing upon us so quickly. Like….next week. Ahhhhhh! Oh wait a minute this is me we are talking about, I do my best work under pressure. So if you will join me, I would like to ask our Blessed Mother to be with me and encourage and show me what I need to do this lent in order to strengthen my relationship with her Son, Jesus…….

As I was saying a Hail Mary, in a timely manner as always, my beautiful cardinal showed up. He shows up throughout the day but there are just times that he shows up at the perfect time. Mama cardinal is here too, she seems to be waiting on him to tell her all is clear to go get some bird seed.

because my handsome cardinal won't stay put while I open the screen door to the porch I found another picture that looks just like him...
Because my handsome cardinal won’t stay put while I open the screen door to the porch I found another picture that looks just like him…

But I digress….

After some prayer and thought here is what I have come up with…..

How We Pray

Yesterday, I came across a post on facebook reminding me that the Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary will be starting on February, 20. Yep, that is today. This is truly how I work, last minute! But I do think this is a great way to add more prayer to this lent season. Marian consecration has been highly endorsed by many saints, including St. Pope John Paul II. My understanding of the 33 day prayer is to give Mary our permission to complete her job of helping us become more like Christ. I enjoy audio versions of many different things and have used the audio provided by Greg and Jennifer Willilts, which you can find here.


Every year I struggle with coming up with the right thing to fast from. This year is no different. After a long hiatus from being anywhere near healthy I have been brought to The Daniel Plan and have given up sugar, gluten and dairy. I plan to continue doing so because I feel so much better. So it feels like giving up sugar is not a good idea. I have decided I will fast from comparing myself with others. I needed some ideas so I hopped onto google and came to a blog that I really enjoy and she had this listed as something to give up for lent and I thought that fits in perfectly with my recent walk with Jesus and the things He is teaching me. You can find more ideas from Meg Hunter-Kilmer here.


We have been going through a real tough financial situation about 3 years now. Moving to Florida added to that. Due to those struggles we have not been as faithful in tithing as we should be. I am going to step up our game and be sure we are tithing the 10% and trust that God will be sure that all of our needs are met. I am in constant struggle to trust our Lord with everything in my life and I long to hand it all over to Him because it is all His to begin with. I am just a steward that he has trusted with those things in my life, home, car, money, children etc.  God always has the best timing ever. My husband and I just began a course titled “Navigating Your Finances God’s Way” at our church.  It’s been well worth it so far and we are only in week 2. But  the course has been such a reminder that scripture tells us exactly what we need to do to be free of anxiety, worries and fear.  The timing reminds me that God is working through us at all times.

I pray that you have a wonderful grace- filled Lenten season. What are some things you are doing for lent to grow your relationship with our Lord? I hope you will share them with me.


20 thoughts on “How We Pray, Fast and Give During Lent

  1. I really like what you decided to fast from this year. Mine is all of the “shoulds” that come into my mind, which is a symptom of perfectionism … and probably comparing. Blessings for your Lenten journey!

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  2. ‘I am going to step up our game and be sure we are tithing the 10% and trust that God will be sure that all of our needs are met.’ That is a real act of faith and trust in the Providence. God bless you!


  3. Thanks for the reminder about Total Consecration – I will have to get on that! It’s been a while since we’ve participated in that devotion.

    Best of luck to you on the Daniel plan. It’s a tough one!


  4. I did the Navigating Your Finances God’s Ways – developed by my good friends and fellow hosts on Breadbox Media last year with my hubby. It was revolutionizing!! We still have another year (or 2) before we see ourselves out of the mess we made, but thanks to that study I know how and that I CAN become a good steward of the blessing God has given me. I love your Lenten plan!! So excited to have you join with us in this month’s very special CWBN Blog Hop!

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    1. I had actually been listening to your podcast on breadbox media and when I found out they were doing this course at our parish I was so excited! We live in Chiefland FL, but attend Queen of Peace in Gainesville, FL. and that is where we are taking the class.


    2. I thought for sure I had replied to your comment. I apologize!!

      We go to Queen of Peace in Gainesville, FL and that is where we are taking the class. We are enjoying the class very much. Our hope is that we can really take what we learn from this class and move on and handle our money in a way that is pleasing to God.


      1. I thought you replied too, but don’t see it now. We are here to help. Teaching about the Bible, faith and finances is why God put us on earth. And believe me we are the posted children for God qualifying the called, not calling the qualified as we have made every financial mistake there is to make. If we can help you and your husband on your journey, please contact us via the Compass Catholic Ministries website.


  5. I have heard quite a bit about the Daniel Plan. I hope it is as beneficial as it has been for others!

    Because of budget restraint, one of the things I have decided to give is “cheerfulness” in chores and the mundane of life. While we are still trying to figure out donation giving, I figured my best idea, cost-effective, is to give cheerfully (since we already give of time quite a bit as a family). But, there is definitely something to be said about giving monetarily/tithing, too!

    Great post!

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  6. Letting go and giving all things to God…uggh…such a struggle of mine too! And I’ll have to look into the financial program you mentioned! Thanks for sharing your great Lenten goals! May it be blessed!

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  7. I’m excited to see how your consecration goes. Let us know! We’ve heard truly great things about friends who have done the Daniel Fast in the past. Best of luck and prayers to you!


    1. I will do a follow up blog to let you know how things are going….stay tuned!!

      As for the Daniel Fast, I feel better than I have in a very long time. No more sandy eyes first thing in the morning. Not feeling sluggish after a meal. I have tried eating bread and had a headache instantly!! So I am hoping that this sticks.

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    1. I am having some trouble with the change in schedule when I started new job with finding the right things to eat at lunch! and snacks. So have to do some research and not give up. That is great you have found alternative foods that are working for you.


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