A Room With a View

Today is day 2 of Writing 101.

Today’s Prompt: If you could zoom through space in the speed of light, what place would you go to right now?

A Meadow Like You have Never Seen

If I could be transported anywhere, anywhere of my choice I would go to a place where there is no anxiety, no death, no fear, no sin or heartache.

I would go where there is abundance of love, justice, mercy, friendship and intense joy.

I would go to the place where I can feel His love.

I want to hear songs of praise. Praise to our Lord. I want to be in a place where I can love Him purely and fully.

I would sit in beauty that I have never seen before and see my loved ones who have left Earth.

In a grassy meadow with grass greener than I can imagine here in my human existence, sky bluer than the bluest sky in Arizona on a sunny day, tall flowers of all colors swaying in the breeze and the sweet perfume of the flowers all around I would see the most beautiful face. Over by the majestic tree full of leaves I will see the face I have been waiting so long to see. With a white robe and a belt and the warmest smile I have ever seen, He will come to me with open arms. Hearing the beautiful music singing His praises I will surely run with childlike trust over to Him and He will embrace me. I will feel His love for me and wonder how I could have ever had all the worries, anxiety or doubts. My body will be free of any tension. I will feel free. Free from the worldly things that keep me from loving Him with all of my heart.

No words will need to be said. I will know the answers to the questions I have long wanted to know. The meadow like you have never seen is the most beautiful place you have never been.


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