Writing 101, Free Writing…..well sort of.

Today is the first day of the course Writing 101. The assignment is to write for 20 minutes about whatever I would like. As tempting it that might be to just dump everything in this post, I will try and keep it manageable and something that readers can understand. Because to get in my mind could be scary!

I find myself a bit surprised that I am taking this course. I didn’t start to blog with the image of being a writer in my mind. Actually, furthest thing from it. I wanted more to journal my faith journey. A place to journal all my research and hope that one the information sticks. I have such a long ways to go. I have lots of pieces to a puzzle that I am gathering from all different sources, I just want to put it in writing so that I can refer to it, and if someone else learns from it that is great!

I LOVED English, just loved it. My favorite part of English was all grammar stuff. I didn’t mind writing essays. Having others read it was unnerving. So worried about being judged or ridiculed. I still find myself worried that my subject matter will be judged. When homeschooling the kids I remember telling my kids especially Sean that writing a paper is just b’sing your way until you get the desired number of pages. I guess he and I both agree he isn’t very good at bull. But we got through it. He and a good friend of mine used to joke that they were going to drown all English teachers in alphabet soup. I just smiled and rolled my eyes at them knowing that they just didn’t understand the joy of diagramming sentences. Am I the only one who just loves it when everything has a place??

I realized as I have been thinking about why I wanted to do this course that writing things down is therapeutic. I enjoy putting those things that are rolling all over in my brain onto paper or on a computer screen. I look forward to learning from others. I do stress that I don’t have the creativity that others possess. But I am hoping to learn how to tap into that creativity. It has to be in there somewhere, or I wouldn’t be in the blog world to begin with. I knew several years ago after stumbling onto some great blogs that I would give it a try one day. So like I said, I didn’t start with big dreams of being a writer. Just a mom whose kids are adults and who is looking for my place in the world of bloggers.

At the end of the day, I guess I am hoping that this course helps me to find my voice, one that others want to hear and interact with. Reach out to others and find friends across the world.

Well my 20 minutes is up, I think I am going to go check out some of the other bloggers free writing.


10 thoughts on “Writing 101, Free Writing…..well sort of.

  1. I liked your post. We have similar motivations. The grammar part intimidates me and I don’t think I could properly diagram a sentence but that is not what I am here for. (pretty sure you shouldn’t end in a for).
    Your blog title and mission remind me of a book that has been in the back of my mind for years. Stepping Heavenward by Mrs. E. Prentiss. It is written as a journal. And I loved reading her journal of her journey to Godliness.
    I am just now realizing that this is what blogging can be for me.
    I started my blog to write posts and share with the bible study life group that I lead. But I feel God pulling me to expand.
    And you as well.


  2. I enjoyed reading this post. Your writing is easy to read, and has a nice flow. I love grammar, too. I still have a lot to learn, such as diagramming sentences. I’ve never done that, but I would love to try! Thanks for the follow!


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